Thursday, February 9, 2017

Spermatic Cord contents : Mnemonic

Hello. This is about the things that your thing contains if you're a guy :p

So the spermatic cord is an important content of the inguinal canal in men.

And it contains a host of things.

Remember :

Plenty of Dick Contributes To Good Sex Life

Plenty of = Pampiniform plexus
Dick = Ductus Deferens
Contributes = Cremasteric artery
To = Testicular Artery
Good = Genitofemoral Nerve (Genital br)
Sex = Sympathetic plexus
Life = Lymphatics.

So it's 3 Arteries + 2 nerves + 3 other things.

Hope you like this !
Stay awesome.


  1. Kya Mnemonic hai Burkolderia Bharkurdhar. You created a perfect platform for (Medic)awesome orgy among 3 Arteries + 2 nerves + 3 other things !


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