Friday, February 17, 2017

Step 2 CK: Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and mnemonics!


This post is all about treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

Glucocorticoids are used in acute exacerbations of MS.

Glatiramer and Interferon beta are most commonly used disease modifying agents.

Do not confuse treatment of relapse with prevention of relapse.
You treat relapses with steroids.
You prevent relapses with many disease modifying agents.

Natalizumab is associated with PML (Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy)
That's why, Natalizumab is recommended only for JC antibody negative patients.
Mnemonic: This is the stupidest mnemonic ever - Nat makes the brain fat (multifocal enceph!)

Fingolimod is the only drug which is oral.
Mnemonic: You eat fingolimod orally with your fingers.

Dalfampridine is used for walking impairment in MS.
Mnemonic: Dalf walks the foot path in pride.

Best initial test: MRI
If MRI is equiviocal: Oligoclonal bands in CSF is confirmatory.

From what I know, this is the high yield stuff.

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  1. Natali is a girls name.And girls are obsessed for white skin leuko 😋


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