Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Submissions: Adverse effects of Glucocorticoids mnemonic

Adverse effects of GLUCOCORTICOIDS:

Mnemonic is glucocorticoids itself!

G: Glaucoma (topical use), glycosuria

L: Limb muscle atrophy, myalgia

U: Ulcers (peptic) increased gastric acid secretion, dyspeptic symptoms are high after high dose therapy

C: Cushing's Habitus (rounded face, hump, obesity of trunk with relatively thin limbs, fragile skin,purple striae, easy bruising, telangiectasia, hirsutism)

O: Osteoporosis (specially vertebrae and flat bones) radiological evidence of osteoporosis is an indication for withdrawal of corticosteroid therapy)

C: Cataract (posterior subcapsular)

O: Osteonecrosis (avascular necrosis of femur)

R: Retardation of growth (even with small doses for long periods in children; large doses do inhibit GH secretion) ; Contraindicated in RENAL failure

T: Contraindicated in TB

I: Impaired wound healing and surgical incisions

C: Cutaneous atrophy , contraindicated in CHF

O: Oedema, fOetal abnormalities (cleft palate, our, increased risk of gestational diabetes, pregnancy induced hypertension, preeclampsia

I: Infections ( increased susceptibility to opportunistic infections like Candida)

D: Diabetes mellitus(precipitation), hyperglycemia

S: Suppression of Hypothalamo-pituitary axis

(Well glucocorticoids can cause almost anything)

Submitted by Sarah Azad

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