Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Asbestosis and Silicosis mnemonics

Here are a few mnemonics to help you not mix these conditions up!

Patients with asbestosis are at risk for bronchogenic carcinoma and patients with silicosis are at risk for tuberculosis. How do you remember this?

Remember the adjacent alphabets!
ABC: Asbestosis Bronchogenic carcinoma
ST: Silicosis Tuberculosis

Since TB affects the upper lobes, I remember that silicosis affects the upper lobes too. So the other one, asbestosis, affects the lower lobes.

To remember where these compounds are used, go alphabetical again!
Silicosis: Rockmining, Sandblasting, Tunneling.
Asbestosis: Boats, Ceiling (Roofing), Drains (Pipes and plumbing), Ensulation (Insulation lol).

To make abs, you need to work out with dumbbells. 
Dumbbell bodies are seen in Asbestosis (Asbestos bodies aka ferruginous bodies!)

That's all!

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