Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Brainstem Syndromes-Pons!

Hellooo people!

After travelling from the Midbrain  I we have reached  the Pons.. which literally means a Bridge... So .... Let's study the important eponymous Pontine syndromes today...

1) Millard-Gubler Syndrome:
Lesion location:Pons
Structures affected: CN VII ,Corticospinal tracts!!
Clinical features: Ipsilateral peripheral facial palsy; contralateral hemiparesis ,CN VI not involved

Foville's Syndrome(Raymond-Foville) :
Lesion location:Pons
Structures affected:CN VII; lateral gaze center; Corticospinal tracts.
Clinical features • Ipsilateral facial palsy and horizontal gaze palsy; contralateral hemiparesis

Raymond's (Yelloly, Landry) Syndrome: Lesion Location: Pons
Structures affected: CN VI; Corticospinal tracts
Clinical Features: Ipsilateral abducens palsy; contralateral hemiparesis ,it is  often lumped with Foville's syndrome.

There are other Pontine syndromes ...And an Anatomical classification of them makes them easy to understand !

I shall in the next post put up the respective syndromes along with associated diagrams..

Till then... Study Well Guys!
Also I would like to say... Medicine is not just science and theory but also an art to be understood.... So we all need to have the artists eyes and spot out the subtle presentations of the  diseases in our patients and treat them with all our hearts!


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