Thursday, March 16, 2017

Buzz words for congenital syphilis!

Following are some important signs and buzzwords that are testable ...And high yeild for entrances.

Olympian Brow: Bony prominence of the forehead caused by persistent or recurrent periostitis

Clavicular or Higoumenakia sign:Unilateral or bilateral thickening of the sternoclavicular third of the clavicle

Saber shins :Anterior bowing of the midportion of the tibia

Scaphoid scapula :Convexity along the medial border of the scapula

Hutchinson teeth:Peg-shaped upper central incisors; they erupt during 6th yr of life with abnormal enamel, resulting in a notch along the biting surface

Mulberry molars :Abnormal 1st lower (6 yr) molars characterized by small biting surface and excessive number of cusps

Saddle nose :Depression of the nasal root, a result of syphilitic rhinitis destroying adjacent bone and cartilage

Rhagades:Linear scars that extend in a spoke-like pattern from previous mucocutaneous fissures of the mouth, anus, and genitalia

Juvenile paresis :Latent meningovascular infection; it is rare and typically occurs during adolescence with behavioral changes, focal seizures, or loss of intellectual function

Juvenile tabes : Rare spinal cord involvement and cardiovascular involvement with aortitis

Hutchinson triad :Hutchinson teeth, interstitial keratitis, and 8th nerve deafness

Clutton joint :Unilateral or bilateral painless joint swelling (usually involving knees) from synovitis with sterile synovial fluid; spontaneous remission usually occurs after several weeks

Interstitial keratitis: Manifests with intense photophobia and lacrimation, followed within weeks or months by corneal opacification and complete blindness

8th nerve deafness: May be unilateral or bilateral, appears at any age, manifests initially as vertigo and high-tone hearing loss, and progresses to permanent deafness.

Well all these are late manifestations of congenital syphilis occuring after 2 years of life.
It is important to recognise these signs clinically and also on the exams...


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