Thursday, March 23, 2017

Education - a vaccine for violence


We are often so engulfed with racks of books to study and revise for exams that some might even go unrevised or untouched !! Many a times we notice poor children roaming on the streets and asking for coins and notes that are not of much value in their life. These children need education and proper guidance to re - track their life routes and help them fulfil their dreams. Poverty and lack of education in life makes such people feel helpless and force them to use illegal ways to fill their pockets.

" Brian was a poor boy. Born to a poor family, he worked all day to help his parents earn some money. Wearing a half - torn  white - turned - black tee and a faded brownish - black shorts, the eight -year old roamed here and there on the roads while holding some beautiful soft toys for being sold to the so-called 'high class' passers - by. Little did he know why was he doing all that. He was just told that he has to give the toys to some people and in return, he would get something called 'money'.

Then one day, he saw other boys of his age, carrying bags full of books and going to school. Fully energized, cheerful and in high spirits, they went on to their place. And Brian just saw them going. At that moment, he decided to change his life for the better. :)

Brian squandered his bag of toys on the roadside and started searching for a book store. A few hours passed but he couldn't find one. He knew nothing about shops, places, or any people around. He felt lone. It was a new place for him. He felt suffocated in the rising shades of darkness. The sun was getting closer to the horizon. The street lights scattered blue on the dusty road. He felt helpless and tired. Unable to get back to his home, he just slept on the footpath. Not even one eye focused on him inspite of busy streets and the flux of vehicles on the roads.

It was 8 in the morning. Seeing him still there and crying, an old man came up to him. Brian couldn't respond to any of his questions. The old man gave him some food to eat, and then took him to his house. There the little boy saw a library of books - just what he was finding since so long. He got overjoyed and went on to reach the shelves. The old man felt his curiosity to study. He asked the boy if he goes to school.

Brian told him his story after which the old man decided to help the little boy. He got him admitted to a reputed school. He gave him all he could. Books, clothes, food, shelter and work so that the little boy could help his family. And so now the boy was not poor any more. He got the treasure of his life - the books. :) "

In view of the Dhule incident a few days back, it is unethical and unacceptable for parents and relatives to demonstrate any act of physical and mental abuse towards a doctor if a patient with head injury cannot be saved due to the unfortunate circumstances such as the patient being brought late to the hospital and shortage of staff and equipment. These factors attract the need to shift the patient to a higher centre for provision of better treatment facilities and medical care.

The poor prefer to visit government hospitals and clinics because it suits their pockets. Referring the patient to a higher centre means more expensive and more delay in treatment. But that absolutely does not mean you argue with and abuse the doctor to force the treatment which cannot be done !!

Education is a key component to ensure that the person who has met with an accident and severely injured is immediately brought under medical care and treated successfully with suitable measures to save the life.

We, as responsible and educated citizens of the country must take steps to help the poor children and give them their weapons to fulfil dreams which seemed impossible to them. :)

That's all
- Jaskunwar Singh


  1. Well written and totally justified��������This is something that the people need to know.


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