Friday, March 17, 2017

Studying made simple: Ocular signs of thyrotoxicosis

Hey Awesomites

I read about ocular signs seen in patients with thyrotoxicosis. On googling and partly my work, studying these signs has become so simple to remember. -

1. STellwag sign - The person STares due to infrequent blinking.

2. Moebius sign - Lack of convergence ( MOBility ). Understand it as: Meeting Of EyeBalls Is UnSuccessful !!

3. JellINeK sign - Superior eyelid fold is INKed (hyperpigmented)

4. Enroth's sign - Edema of eyelids and conjunctiva

5. Joffroy sign - Wrinkles are OFF ( absent ) on upward gaze

6. DaLRymple sign - Lid Retraction

7. VON graeffe sign - LID LAG  (three letters in von, lid and lag each )

Also check out the video of thyroid eye signs by IkaN here.

Hope that helped :)

That's all
- Jaskunwar Singh

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