Friday, April 14, 2017

Case control study vs Cohort study mnemonic

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Case control study - Start with an outcome and go back in time to study the risk factor.
Simplified: Case (Diseased) vs Control (No disease)

Cohort study - Start with risk factor and see who developed the disease and who did not.
Mnemonic: cOhOrt has two O's.
One O has an R (cohORt), which means one group has the risk factor.
Other O does not have an R (cOhort), which means the other group does not have the risk factor.
Compare the two to see who gets the disease.

How to remember that case control studies measure odds ratio and cohort studies measure relative risk:

You take surgical "cases" to the "OR" (Operating room)
Case control study - Odds Ratio

cohoRRRRRRt measures Relative Risk.



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  1. "Control" the "odds" "retrospectively"


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