Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Exam Prep Hacks -Tips for a lazy person

Hola everyone!

This post is for those people who really struggle during exam time, not because they can't understand studies or are stressed, but for someone who is really lazy and no amount of stress can change that (believe me I'm one of those :P)

So if you're someone who puts on their best game forward during exams and becomes a ninja  - this post is not for you! :P

Okay, so you know your exams are just around the corner and you have shit loads of syllabus to complete and you know there will be last minute panic yet you do not make a strategy and  "go with the flow", completely regret it later and are desperate to change this.

Understand that this post won't make you active all of a sudden, this post is all about embracing your laziness and turning into an asset and to rock your exams always without being under constant stress ;)

Let's get down to the basics then.

1. Always set rewards for yourself.
Sitting continuously for 5-6 hours IS JUST NOT POSSIBLE. Your concentration span is of a fly and you get distracted very easily, so instead of setting a target of studying for 5-6 hours continuously and then being disappointed later, make short targets. Like finishing one or two topics in one sitting and then maybe watching an episode of friends or going out for a walk. This way you feel like you've "earned" the break and will keep you motivated.

Let's face it. Our phone's are the greatest source of distraction. Be it a whatsapp text, facebook notification or instagram post, we are constantly checking our phones. Either turn the internet off or put it on do not disturb mode, check the phones during your breaks.

3. Exercise!!!
Okay yes I get it, how is exercise gonna help me study? Remember endorphins- feel good hormones? Yeah well, they are secreted whenever we exercise. Exercise also help increase the blood flow and makes us more active. So, go for a walk for 20 min, skip in your room or dance, Whatever keeps you going, believe me, it's really gonna help. Will increase your concentration too!

4. Coffee.
I do not need to explain this. This is like a godsent drink!!  Everyone swears by it, but honestly, whatever will help you stay up.

5. Make realistic targets.
DO NOT set your goals according to others. Forget how your roommate is studying, how the lights of the topper of your class is always turned on. You know yourself the best. Do what suits you. Set targets for yourself. Setting targets according to others will just leave you disappointed and demotivated. It's a vicious cycle. Don't do it.

6. Select a time best suited for you.
Decide if you're a morning or a night person. And stick to that. Again, do not follow others. If you're a morning person, sleep well in time and wake up as early you can. If you're a night owl, prolong your study for as late as you can. Push yourself a little. Lol, just a little though :P

7. Sleep is your best friend.
Haha. Sleep to your rescue. It has been documented that sleep is very important to convert your short term memory to long term memory, so don't shy away taking those naps! :P Lack of sleep will cause dark circles too :P
But obviously not too long, 4-5 hours is adequate during exam time :P

8. Good diet.
Last but the most important part. Keep yourself hydrated and try to have a healthy diet, something which isn't too heavy. Heavy or oily food will just make you sleepy, tired and of course gain weight. Keep drinking water and fluids. Your brain needs food to function!

Hope all these things help you guys in acing your exams!
So the next time someone calls you lazy, Be Proud ;)

Ashita Kohli


  1. Thank you Dr. Ashita mam
    I'll try to take care of #2 ��

    1. Yes! It is the most important thing. Though I fail miserably at this :P

  2. #7 is my favorite ;p
    Awesome post for the lazy asses !!

  3. While coffee cannot keep me awake excersise makes me feel more sleepy. Bcz I'm that lazy. Haha...nice tips Kohli. ��



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