Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mnemonico diagnostico : Risk approach to Antenatal cases


'High - risk' antenatal cases contribute to 70 - 80% of perinatal morbidity and mortality rates. The screening and diagnostic tests to evaluate and identify such cases is a must so as to provide special care to the mother - child duo. Risk approach for antenatal cases according to WHO includes : ( mnemonic - RISK APPROACH )

R - (W) Rong presentation of fetus (eg. Breech )
I - Instrumental delivery ( h/o previous CS )
S - Short statured primi ( 140 cm and below )
K - Kidney and other diseases ( complications )

A - Anaemia ( hemoglobin 50% or less )
P - Pre - eclampsia or eclampsia
P - Prolonged pregnancy ( 2 weeks after expected date of delivery )
R - Removal of placenta manually
O - Old age ( elderly grand multipara )
A - Antepartum hemorrhage ( risk of threatened abortion )
C - C/O elderly primi ( 30 years or above )
H - Hydramnios

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- Jaskunwar Singh


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