Thursday, April 20, 2017

Preparing for NEET: Part 1

Hello folks,

This is a common post requested as to how to prepare for NEET PG exams.
And as to whether joining classes is really required to get a decent rank.

So today I will share with you a study schedule told to me by my professor. Which takes around 7 month hardcore prep.

Now for a general approach to it
1. Classes are not essential. Classes add only 20% to the entire PG prep of yours.. That's with like max optimum attention and taking down notes vigorously.

2. Don't read standard books. The competition is so high, that the publishers end up increasing the number of pages. Just to make the book more appealing. Reading those books is a waste of your time cause they repeat the explanations over and over again with unnecessary details which will make you take a month atleast to finish a subject like obstetrics.
The only decent book I found was modit khanna for medicine, like the initial pages of high yield notes and the questions and not the explanations. Don't read the explanations unless the answer is not known to you through the high yeild section.

3. Try getting your hands on class notes. Be it DAMS, Bhatia or IAMS. They are all amazing and to the point. And that's what is needed.

4. Get the NEET PG question booklet, by Arvind Arora. A minimum of last five years questions of NEET is a must to solve.

5. Never sit with a pen and a paper or a marker during your first read for any subject. You will end up marking the whole book and write unnecessary notes  and wasting a lot of precious time. Save it for your second and third read or when you are confident enough that you know the flow of the subject and now just need to focus on details.

6. While reading if you have any doubts make a point to jot it down and find answers before sleeping or at the end of the week. But do solve them. Cause at the end just before exams these are the doubts that trouble you the most.

7. You need to score only a 75% aggregate to score a decent rank. Like to be in the top 3000. That is very much possible with a 7 month smart prep. For the the fight in between the top 3000 see the next para

8. Imagine yourself after a 24hr emergency duty, back to back and just next day you have to write theory paper of your uni exam.That's a near about situation of how mind stressed you are before neet.
Like it's 20 subjects..and you need to shift your focus from ophthalmology to psm in a matter of seconds. If you can't do that and if you waste your time even like an extra 5 mins on one question then you will be compromising the tail questions and that's when the stress gets to you. You keep looking at the timer and boom you black out.

A solution to this is you need to train your brain to deal with this situation. I have an aggregate of tips from medicowesome authors to deal with this.

- Solve the grand test. Just don't stick to one subject solving be as varied as possible. Like your best shot is solving 100 random questions every day doesn't matter if you know only 5subjects out of the 20, you only need to train your brain to deal with it.

- Solve the questions after an on call or after a very stressful day, give yourself the taste of it. So that your brain will be able to switch attentions during exams.

I feel the battle between the top 3000 rankers all comes down to who switched their attention between questions the fastest. The knowledge is the same it all matters that whether you were able to use it to your best or not.

9. Follow medicowesome :D
A bit cheeky but seriously it helps. Every now and then try reading the various posts. It will help you to condition your brain to all the subjects piece by piece.

10. A lot of questions are photo based. Try making your own picture library like jot down the things of pics you want to search for and look for it at the end of the day or the week end.

11. We don't promote apps and stuff but I would seriously advice downloading the pg prep app from Google play. It has stats to show your progress, daily exams, a 55 thousand question bank, photo questions, subject wise and grand test questions. It is amazing. Go ahead download it if you haven't and stick to it.

12. Have a way to destress yourself during the prep. Like be it running , movie, at a cafe or a novel.
Pg prep is a monotonous dumb thing to do , let's not lie to our selves -_-
You need to keep your engine at a steady pace so that you are able to fast track during the last month before your exam.
Like I personally read manga :D
Weekly updates were my solace and paradise. That's the way I treated myself after I had completed my schedule for the week.

I will upload a seven month prep schedule in part 2.

- Sakkan


  1. Heyy sakkan.. Thankyou so much for such a wonderful post.. I wanted to ask where to find the neet pg question booklet by arvind arora..couldnt find it online.. Theres a book by him.. But it has just 1-2yrs neet pg papers.. And also if any more books has neet pg question papers..thanks again for the post..

  2. Hello, the books are called self assessment and review NEET by Arvind Arora and Amit tripathi. They dont have an aggregate of all five years, you have to buy individual year books. You can get xerox copies of these books at one third the price. And they are worth it.

  3. A very helpful blog....but i have just cleared 1st can u please suggest wat to do now for pg preparation??


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