Saturday, April 22, 2017

Preparing for NEET - Part 2

Hello everyone.
So now for my part 2 post on NEET PG prep, I will provide you with a seventh month schedule, but before that let’s  talk about the pros and cons of joining classes and how to deal with studies if you don’t join one.
Now in my earlier post I did mention that classes will help YOU with only 20% of the entire prep that also with sustained proper attention in the 12 hour class with proper notes and revision.

     1The biggest thing you achieve by attending class is that the professors don’t beat around the bush, they give you point to point details and explain the things which they know by experience that the students are bound to screw up the most.
This is not something you can’t achieve by your own.  If you can get your hand on any class notes, then that’s enough, just thoroughly read that book, be regular in solving mcq’s and discuss your issues in group chats or with your study buddies. This does take care of it plus you gain a lot more, because here you are actively seeking answers and not being spoon fed like in classes
If you don’t have any class notes and our reading standard books, I suggest only read the bold lines, don’t read anything else. If you clearly don’t know anything about a particular topic then only read it in depth.

2. Weekly test series and grand test with ranking. This is beneficial only if you stick to the schedule, sadly I feel only 3 out of 10 students are regular at these exams. Also even if you don’t join the regular course, you can just join the test series, which I feel is a great option .

The bad point is that sometimes students feel torn between their own study speed, the subjects they want to study first and the test series schedule. Sometimes the test series just overwhelms you a lot cause every week you need to prepare for a different subject.  This has happened to me, and I feel that if I hadn’t join the test series to begin with, maybe I  wouldn’t have been so confused as to whether what to study and what to revise.

So it’s very important that you all know your own study patterns and your comfort. Don’t do things just because everyone else is doing it.  Chart down your schedule, and once you start with it, stick to it. Don’t listen to people and try doing things their way, you are your own person and you are awesome.

NOW for the study schedule.  This way of prep is bold and ridiculous. Its exhausting and It will demand that you trust the process, but it will work. It was taught to me by one of my friend. Its esp for the ones who haven’t joined any classes.

·         This first phase is for you to grab onto all the possible books on mcq’s you can for the last ten year mcq’s. And then you go crazy, just solve the mcq. Don’t read the explanations. Just solve and solve, just  reading the answers. Thats it. This whole process should take you a month at the max of rigorous solving.
·         Take a break..chill out for a couple of days
·         Phase two. repeat the phase one, now I  have tried this. And by experience I will tell you this is when it gets tough, monotonous and downright stupid but keep going at it. This will take you two months max.
·         Breaktime
·         Phase three is when you repeat it all over again, but now you will see the difference. You will love solving cause now the answers will flow out of you. Cause you have just learned 30.000 important one liners of all the 20 subjects. This process will take you 20 days.
·         Phase four is when you read and solve your doubts, read any damn book you want. Search for pictures, make your own picture library.

Remember 75% mcq are repeats, so this plan is made in a way that you learn all of those 75% first
You need to solve atleast all the mcq a minimum of five times to score a decent rank
Your speed of solving should reach 300 questions in one hour with atleast 65- 70% right.
These above are your goals after you are done with phase four

Irrespective you choose to follow this plan or any of the tips in my part 1 post, or if you choose to modify it according to you. Remember the most important thing is that you have to be consistent and do smart studies and not study like a dog. Have your wits about yourself and don’t  waste your time on reading unnecessary details.

Thank you


  1. How does someone with classes go about solving previous years mcqs..

  2. You can solve the subject wise mcq along with your weekly test series or the subject ongoing in your classes.
    Also you can stick to solving 100 or so random mcq daily from the pre pg prep app or from any other grand test

  3. Ok.. Thnaks sakkan... Another query.. U have mentioned not to read the explanations.. And that there are 75% repeats.. Dou mean they are direct repeats..?? Congrats for your rank btw.. All the very best to u...


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