Thursday, April 13, 2017

Terson Syndrome.

Hello everybody!

In this post let's quickly learn about Terson Syndrome.

So what is it?
This Syndrome is a combination of intraocular and subarachnoid haemorrhage secondary to aneurysmal rupture, most commonly arising from the anterior communicating artery.

Terson Syndrome along with other bleeding disorders is included amongst the Systemic causes of vitreous hemorrhage!

Intraocular haemorrhage is also seen to occur with:
1)Subdural haematoma
2)Acute elevation of intracranial pressure

The mechanism of intraocular bleeding:

There is increase in cavernous sinus pressure due to the subarachnoid/subdural hemorrhage leading to stasis in the retinal veins. This stasis in the retinal veins leads to increased intraluminal pressure in the veins making them susceptible to bleed.

The haemorrhage is often Bilateral.
Typically intraretinal and/or preretinal. With this hemorrhage there is a possibility of it leaking in the vitreous.

The vitreous haemorrhage usually resolves in a few months and the long-term, the visual prognosis is good.

I hope you guys found it useful. Do let me know about some neuro-opthalmology syndromes you know about.

Let's learn Together!

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