Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Type 1 RTA pathophysiology, notes and mnemonic

Hello! This post is on type 1 renal tubular acidosis.

What causes Type 1 RTA?
Defective H+ ion secretion in the distal tubule.
Impairment in H+ ions secretion result in an inability to acidify the pH beyond 5.5 (Used in the diagnosis of type 1 RTA)

The plasma bicarbonate is significantly reduced and may fall below 10 meq/L.
These patients tend to have urinary K+ wasting and hypokalemia (thought to be due to increased potassium secretion by distal tubular cells in the setting of diminished H+ ion secretion.)

What type of RTA is associated with an enhanced chance if nephrolithiasis?
Distal or type 1 RTA can cause nephrocalcinosis / calcium oxalate kidney stones.
Mnemonic: ONE predisposes to stONEs

Pathophysiology: Hypercalciuria, hyperphosphatemia, nephrolithiasis (calcium phosphate stones) and nephrocalcinosis are frequently associated with untreated type 1 RTA. The hypercalciuria is thought to be due to:
1) increased calcium phosphate release from bone as a result of bone buffering of excess acid and
2) reduction in tubular calcium reabsorption secondary to chronic acidosis.
The hypercalciuria, alkaline urine, and reduced excretion of citrate in the urine (which normally prevents calcium crystallization) promote the precipitation of calcium phosphate and stone formation.

Which conditions are associated with type 1 RTA?
diStal RTA is associated with the 3 S's:

Sickle cell anemia

Treatment: Bicarbonate administration

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