Monday, May 1, 2017

Anterior Abdominal Wall : Mnemonics

Hi everyone. So I've just started Surgery and it makes me go back to Anatomy. A lot.
Here are some helpful Mnemonics on the Anterior abdominal wall

The External Oblique muscle is the SIR of  all muscles.
It's the SIR of all muscles.
Hence , This SIR forms the Superficial Inguinal Ring.
Because it's the SIR , it forms the Sir of all ligaments too - the Inguinal Ligament.

The Fascia Transversalis is a scary thing. Whenever I see it , I get DAR. ( Dar is the Hindi word for Fear)
So I get DIR when I look at it. :P
And hence the Deep Inguinal Ring is in the Fascia Transversalis.
Since this is such a scary muscle , the important artery Inferior Epigastric Pierces this muscle. Making it more DIR-avna.

How should one remember the direction of the External and Internal oblique muscles ?
Hands in your pocket is External Oblique.
So medially and downwards.

Hands on the Tits is Internal Oblique.
So medially and upwards.

Hope these help you !
Happy Studying !
Stay aweosme.

~ A.P.Burkholderia

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