Thursday, May 4, 2017

Beta blocker intoxication

This is a short blog on beta blocker

Beta blockers acting on beta receptors have wide range of actions and uses.

Most common complication of beta blocker overuse is Cardiovascular depression like hypotension and bradycardia, impaired atrioventricular functions.
Can we give adrenergic drugs to reverse this action?
No, we can't .
Prolong use of beta blockers leads to upregulation of the beta receptors. Beta Agonists will further aggravate the adrenergic actions.
Which may cause tachycardia even arrhythmias.
Even Atropine is inconsistent in reversing the side effects

So the alternative used is Glucagon -
It stimulates cAMP synthesis independently of beta adrenergic receptors.
It has positive ionotropic and chronotropic action, thus it reverses the cardiovascular depression without causing tachycardia or other adrenergic effects.

It can also be used in calcium channels blocker overuse.
Glucagon therapy still dont have enough evidence to prove its efficiency.

Hence Judicious use of drugs is must.
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