Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cerebral ring enhancing lesions Mnemonic

Cerebral Ring enhancing lesions are a common finding in MRI based questions asked in the boards. ;)

The mnemonic to help you remember it is: Suppose there is a Dr Grams who is missing his wedding ring and is searching for it fervently. So if you're doing an MRI and you see a ring what should you do?


C- Contusion
A- Abscess
L- Lymphoma

D- Demyelinating disease
R- Radiation necrosis

G- Glioblastoma
R- Resolving Haematoma
A- Abscess
M- Metastatic lesion
S- Subacute infarct

Here's a mnemonic submitted by Jaskunwar Singh. It includes Tuberculosis and toxoplasmosis!


C - Contusions
A - Abscess
L - Lymphoma

D - Demyelinating diseases
R - Radiation necrosis

S - Subacute infarct
M - Malignancy / Metastatic lesions
R - Resolving haematoma
T - Toxoplasmosis / TB

I assume that everybody knows about toxoplasmosis and tuberculosis so I didn't include them in my mnemonic. Use the mnemonic that suits you =)

That's all :)


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