Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fact of the day : Blood pressure should be measured in both arms


Measuring the blood pressure offers an important glimpse into the patient's health. In general practice, the readings are taken from left arm in right - handed patients and vice - versa.

But some healthy people can have slightly different numbers between arms - a huge difference signals a blockade or an abnormality !! The difference in systolic pressure between arms should not be greater than 5 points. ( Not one, but at least three recordings must be taken at three minute intervals and the one with lowest numbers is taken as the final reading. )

If the recordings in one arm are higher than the other, then that arm should be used for future measurements.

In young, it could sign a narrowing of the main artery ( coarctation of aorta ) or other congenital heart defects. In the elderly, it could be a sign of underlying atherosclerotic condition, or may be aortic dissection !! Note that in a woman with breast cancer who has had mastectomy and lymph nodes resection, the measurements are not to be taken in the arm on the side of mastectomy.

When to take the readings in both arms?
Well, not everytime obviously. But every once in a while should be okay.. may be once the patient is in his teens and then in his 40s or 50s.
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