Sunday, May 14, 2017

Femoral Nerve Mnemonic

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Lets discuss Femoral nerve today. Doesn't femoral nerve sound feminine? Also I am writing this post on Mothers Day, what a coincidence!

Root value: L2-L4
   (Ladies work 24 hours.)

Motor innervation:
It innervates following muscles:

  • Anterior division branches innervates
    •   Sartorius 
    •   Illiacus
    •   Pectineus 
  • Posterior division branches (innervates Quadriceps femoris)
    •   Rectus femoris 
    •   Vastus medialis 
    •   Vastus lateralis 
    •   Vastus intermedius 

How to remember it? @_@
Queens hardly get time to SIP coffee  ^_^

Sensory innervation:

Anterior division branches provides sensation to anteromedial asepct of the thigh, consists of 2 branches:

  • Medial cutaneous nerve of thigh 
  • Intermediate cutaneous nerve

Posterior division:

  • Saphenous nerve : provides sensation to anteromedial aspect of lower leg.
  • Infrapatellar branches to knee :pierces the sartorius and fasica lata medial to the knee, and provides cutaneous innervation to the skin anteriorly over the patella.
How to remember it? @_@
MISs is Insensitive to pain. ^_^

Wish you Happy Mothers Day : )

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