Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Initiation factors in eukaryotic translation mnemonic

Hello Everyone,

Lets discuss Initiation factors today. Here's the the mnemonic:

1. elF-1: 1 looks like i . So it causes Dissociation of 80 S

2. eLF-2: Two- Formation of Ternary complex. Also GTP needed

3. eLF-3: 3 looks like B. hence it causes Breakdown(dissociation of 80 S)

4. elF-4:   
cap binding protein complex elF-4F=  elF-4E + elF-4G+ elF-4A . Binds to 5’End of mRNA through elF-4E  
elF-4A and elF-4B: A has helicAse activity.Makes use of ATP 
                                B makes things Better. :)
                                Both help  reduce complex secondary structure of 5’end of m-RNA.                                                                                                           (A+B=reduce Complexity)

5. eLF-5: 5 looks like S. So it causes: 
      1. releaSe of initiation factors
      2. aSSociation of 40S and 80S Subunits

Here are some diagrams that will help you:

That’s all,
Thank you,
Chaitanya Inge

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