Friday, May 26, 2017

Medicowesome secret project : Lets talk about 'adjustments'

“Hello, I'm sure you would relate to me,
You will understand how I feel,
Because you might have felt it for a few moments like I feel most of the time.”

I was diagnosed with clinical depression a year back. Although the labeling never led to any improvement but it made me understand that I have a medical problem and I need help. Being from a smaller city, where everyone knew each other, where life moved at its own pace and where things were easier to understand, moving to Delhi away from my family proved stressful for me. The constant pressure to fit in, to dress, talk, sit in a particular manner and being ridiculed for being little different only made things worse. There would be days in row when I wouldn't feel like getting up, the day would stretch far too long and I wouldn't understand what exactly was I going through. I would stay awake till 4am crying with feeling of helplessness. From being the topper of my school I became one of the lowest scorers of my class.  Nothing would seem to motivate me to keep going because I had already given up. Fortunately, two failed suicide attempts made me feel like seeking for help. My treatment is ongoing. People close to me understand that it's something which I wasn't in control of. Depression is something which can break you into innumerable pieces, loosen your ability to look at positivity and get up to fight back with zeal. I hope you understand. - maybe this is what someone with depression goes through (I guess). So will you help them stay strong? :)

You, out of all these people have the capacity to love yourself the most, trust yourself the most and build yourself stronger with each passing day. Then why be worried if someone doesn't love you back or breaks your trust? It's you who is important. It's your life, you make your own decisions. Let no one ever tell you your worth or take away your happiness. You deserve all of the good things like everyone else.  You is important. Yes, you are :)

Thanks Purnima Bhatia for sharing this story ( a part of it is hers, rest is fiction ) with us and spread awareness on the matter. :)

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