Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Methamphetamine intoxication mnemonic

This post is about crystal meth.

Here is the mnemonic:

Methamphetamine intoxication mnemonic 
M: Meth mouth for poor dentition
E: Excoriations due to skin picking
T: Tactile hallucinations (Bugs over the skin)
H: Hallucinations - Auditory, visual
A: Autonomic hyperactivity / Anxiety
M: Mood disturbances
P: Psychosis / Pupillary dilation
H: Hyperthermia
E: Euphoria
T: Tachycardia
A: Anorexia
M: Medicowesome :P
I: Irritability
NE: NE for sympathetic overactivity

That's all!
There's a song called "Semicharmed life" by Third Eye Blind. Listen to it :)

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