Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mitral Regurgitation Begets Mitral Regurgitation : Explanation

Hi everyone  ,just a short explanation of the famous phrase 'MR begets MR'.
Here goes.

- Mitral Regurgitation is a disease where the mitral valve is incompetent or insufficient and leaks or pukes when it should be shut. (Rather like a blithering idiot who keeps talking at the wrong time. =}. )

- So it allows the blood to puke back into the Left Atrium from the Ventricle during systole.

- So assume - 100 ml of blood would flow into LV from the LA normally which the LV would pump into the Aorta.

- Now because of the weird and incompetent valve , the LV can pump only like 70 ml into the Aorta and the rest of the 30 ml goes back into the LA.

- So now the LA volume is 30 ml + 100 ml
And it'll pour in 130 ml into the LV.

- So effectively, the LV has an overload of volume in it and over a period of time it would undergo Dilatational changes and increase in size.

- As the Ventricle increases in size , the mitral valve apparatus is stretched all the more.

-This is because the mitral valve is attached to the Ventricular myocardial tissue directly at the annulus as well as via the papillary muscles. Both of these are stretched. 

- The stretching causes further increase in MR. This causes further volume overload. Which causes further MR.

- Thus it is like a positive feedback response and a vicious cycle is formed.
This phenomenon is referred to as ' MR begets MR' which means MR basically causes Ventricular changes which stretch the heart and cause more MR which continues the cycle further.
Hope this helped !
Happy studying !
~ A.P. Burkholderia

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