Saturday, May 20, 2017

Plasma Proteins Mnemonic

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 Lets discuss plasma proteins.

1.How do we classify them?
  • They are classified into Albumin, Globulin and Fibrinogen.
  • Globulins are further classified into Alpha , Beta Globulins and Gamma Globulin.
  • Alpha Globulin is further divided into Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 Globulins.
Memorising the examples of them is simple. 

Examples of Beta Globulins can be remembered as follows:
         B PTH
B-Beta Lipoproteins(LDL)

Interesting Fact:

Acute-phase proteins are a class of proteins whose plasma concentrations increase (positive acute-phase proteins) or decrease (negative acute-phase proteins) in response to inflammation. This response is called the acute-phase reaction.
  • Positive acute-phase proteins increase in inflammation e.g., C-reactive proteinmannose-binding protein, complement factorsferritinceruloplasminserum amyloid A and haptoglobin.
  • Negative acute-phase proteins decrease in inflammation. Examples include albumin, transferrin, transthyretin, retinol-binding proteinantithrombintranscortin

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