Monday, May 29, 2017

Wifi-allergy !

Now,being teenager we all know how much we are addicted to word "Wi-fi" or let's say  "Free Wi-fi".But today I came to know about a weird disorder "Wifi-allergy" .

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is popularly known as "Wifi-allergy".
Adverse reaction to electromagnetic field is seen even if a victim is exposed to EM field below threshold level .
There are no scientific basis for Wi-fi allergy .

No scientific signs and symptoms are specified,but non-specific symptoms such as headache,fatigue,stress,sleep distractions,skin prickling,burning sensation,rashes pain,and acne in muscles,ringing in the ear,tinnitus,unexpected earache,memory loss,inability to concentrate,nausea,insomnia,fluctuation in heart rate,deteriorating vision,weakness and spasm of muscles,
bladder problems can develop.

Many of these symptoms overlaps with other syndromes such as Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance(IEI)


No relation is found between exposure of electromagnetic field and symptoms.Studies shows it is a psychological disorder rather than a physiological .Many scientists claims that it is actually a nacebo effect.


Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is not an accepted diagnosis.No case definition /clinical practice guidelines are performed.No specific tests are performed.A French scientist Dr Belpomme has developed a technique using a computer and a Pulsed Eco-doppler which envelops diagnosis of electrical sensitivity.


There are no specific protocols for treatment of this psychological disorder.The basic treatment involes less use of devices which emits electromagnetic fields.

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