Friday, May 12, 2017

X-Linked Dominant Disorders.

Hello everybody!

Let's learn a quick way to remember a few important X-linked Dominant Disorders.

The mnemonic goes like:

All Hypo Pigmented Rats Have Resistant Rickets.

All - Alport Syndrome.
Hypo - Familial Hypophosphatemia.
Pigmented - Incontinentia Pigmenti.
Rats - Rett Syndrome.
Resistant​ Rickets - Vit.D Resistant Rickets.

X linked dominant disorders are rare pattern of inheritance.

All affected males will transmit it to all their daughters and all affected females will transmit the disease to 50% of her sons/daughters.

If you have another mnemonic on the same do share.

Let's learn Together!

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