Thursday, June 29, 2017

13th and 14th Cranial Nerves.

13th and 14th cranial nerves

There has been increasing evidence in the past that these nerves exist and more recently, research confirms the existence and individuality of these nerves.

 13th cranial nerve or the zero nerve or the terminal nerve - this nerve is situated in the most anterior aspect of the brain between the olfactory stalk and the optic's functions are not yet clearly known (although dysfunction of this nerve may affect craniosacral movement)....but it is well known that in the lower animals, this nerve has something to do with regulation of the reproductive cycle.
 Nervus Intermedius - there has been extensive research to implicate that this nerve is not merely a branch of the Facial nerve....but a separate cranial nerve.

More information on these nerves and their research is at:!po=27.7778

Mithil Jagannath.
Medicowesome 2017.

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