Friday, June 16, 2017

Alvarado Score Parameters Mnemonic ; For Appendicitis

Alvarado score is one of the most famous scores to clinically diagnose Appendicitis. Without further adieu let us delve into it.

            Anorexia or ketones in urine           - 1 
            Leukocytosis >10,000                      -2  
            Vomiting/Nausea                             -1
     migrAtory pain to right iliac fossa            -1
           Rebound tenderness                         -1
 temperAture above 37.3 celsius                 -1
      tenDerness in right iliac fossa              -2
   neutrOphilia >70%                                 -1

Of these the second parameter from above and second parameter from below have 2 points credited for each. Every other parameter is credited with 1 point each.

The overall aggregate comes out of 10, which the highest possible score for Alvarado score.

If, the aggregate is,

<3 - Low risk for appendicitis
4-6 - Mid risk for appedicitis
>=7 - High risk for appendicitis

In some hospitals where a differential count is difficult to find, use a modified score with 9.

That's all guys, if you find any mistake let me know.

With love,

P.S. - yayyy.....missed me much awesomites? I was away from the blog for the last 6 months from posting, because I had very disastrous scores for surgery in my university and I didn't feel worthy enough to write for you guys. (So my activity was largely concentrated in the Whatsapp Medicowesome groups, and the Author's page.) Anyways, I had to take a remedial exam for Surgery 2 weeks ago. And BAAM!!!!.....the results were released today, and yayyyyy.....I passed surgery! :)

I must thank all my Medicowesome admin/author collegues for tolerating my rants and, help me to push through the hellish scary time together. Thanks everyone. Finally I'm through it, and I'm back to writing for you all guys. So thought to start the first post after returning, with a General Surgery Diagnosing score with the help of Schwartz Textbook of Surgery.

See ya soon peepz! :)


  1. Congrats! Never underestimate yourself.There are ups and downs in everyone's life.Here,we are all learning together.Ur posts are always awesome.Do continue writing such posts:).
    Never give up.

  2. popular mnemonic is MANTRELS


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