Saturday, June 24, 2017

Answer is not always antibiotics!

Clinical vignette:
Young, non smoker, female comes with complaints of sore throath, dry cough, nasal congestion for 10 days. Now, she feels better however she coughs out yellowish expectoration.
There are scattered wheezes and crackles that clear with coughing.
You've ordered relevant labs and meanwhile the patient asks you if she would need antibiotics. What would your next step be?

Answer: Symptomatic management.
Reason: Since there is a history of preceding viral infection and her current situation indicated Acute Bronchitis, the expectant management would be fairly Symptomatic!
Infact, there are articles that state that giving antibiotics could worsen the patient condition! Also, judicious use of antibiotics can help prevent antibiotic resistance.

Let's fight antibiotic resistance!

Stay awesome!

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