Monday, June 12, 2017

Contraindications for Noninvasive Ventilation Mnemonic

Hey guys

This is one of my rare mnemonic posts. I don't post much on this coz most of my mnemonics are kinda personal if not socially inappropriate :p

So Noninvasive ventilation, imagine having a mask on ur face, all air tight, almost strangulating and as if this isn't enough, with multiple tiny outlets giving jets of air which are titillating your highly itchable nasal area.

Unpleasant, right?

Talking of unpleasant, you do remember Hitler, right?
He GAAASED the Jews, since that's not a possibility for us since we all love Zuckerberg let's think about something on a similar note.

"GAAAS the HOEs"

G- GI bleeding
A- Aspiration
A- Angina( including MI)
A- Arrest( Cardiac and Respiratory)
S- Surgery on ur face

H- Haemodynamic instability
O- Obstruction ( in upper airway)
E- Encephalopathy ( Severe)
S- _____

I've left the last one blank for the reader to fill up. Hint: It has something to do with​ obstruction of the lower airways.

Hope this is helpful!



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