Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Grossing the thyroid and differentials to be considered

Thyroidectomy is often received for lesions found suspicious on FNA or in cases where goitrous enlargement causes clinical symptoms of obstruction. Hemi includes the lobe and the isthmus, lobectomy only the lobe, while near total includes almost the entire thyroid except a small part of the thyroid left behind.
The following key factors should be described of the received specimen:

1. Type of the specimen
2. Dimensions of all the lobes
3. Size- If enlargement seen, is it diffuse or focal
4. Colour- Brown ( Normal); yellowish white/ beefy red/ mahogany brown
5. Consistency of the lesion - cystic ( single or multiple; bilateral or unilateral lobe involvement); solid; solid- cystic
6. Relation of the lesion to the adjacent thyroid
7. Surface of the thyroid - Smooth/ infiltrated - hemorrhagic irregular areas
8. Whether received intact or in pieces due to extensive extrathyroidal adhesions ( Reidel thyroiditis)

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