Monday, June 26, 2017

Hilton's law

Hilton's law.

The nerve which supplies a muscle of a joint, will also supply the joint and the overlying skin.
Conversely, any nerve that is innervating a joint will also supply the muscles of the joint and the overlying skin.

In humans, we find only 2 exceptions to this general rule:

1) Buccal branch of Mandibular nerve as we all know, pierces the Buccinator muscle. But it doesn't supply the muscle. The innervation of Buccinator is by the Buccal branch of Facial nerve.
2) Sciatic nerve in the Gluteal very closely related to the Pyriformis muscle.... And may occasionally send a fibre that pierces the muscle. But it doesn't supply it. Pyriformis is supplied directly by the sacral plexus(the nerve to pyriformis).

Mithil Jagannath.
Medicowesome 2017.

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