Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mind - wandering : How your body reacts to it?

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First lets have a word about mind - wandering.. "Mind- wandering (or task-unrelated thoughts) is an experience of thoughts which are totally unrelated to the task you are doing right now, especially when it demands attention. It involves activities such as reading, driving, attending lectures, etc."

So how many times has your mind wandered to something else, while you were reading your textbook? Didn't count? ;p

Well, when you are studying but your mind wanders to different thoughts which are not related to your studies, your body reacts by gating the information at your sensory nerve endings itself. This means you start blinking more rapidly. Blinking sets up a tiny barrier against the outside world making you focus on something different. This is just one of the ways our body starts to do things to prevent the brain from receiving external information.

A new study reports those whose minds wander less are more likely to stick to their long- term goals in life. This means people with personality traits such as grit are more focused towards their long- term goals and so are more likely to succeed, independent of other traits, including intelligence.

- Jaskunwar Singh


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