Friday, June 30, 2017

Torn meniscus and inability to extend the knee

Doubt: Why does torn meniscus present with inability to extend the knee? I don't understand the anatomy correlation.

If there is complete tear, the meniscus (a piece of it) gets dislodged. It gets stuck in the knee joint.

This causes:
Inability to extend the knee.
Pain on extension of the knee.

Why is it called "bucket handle"?

A bucket handle meniscus tear represents a complete tear of the mensicus support or the ligament that holds the meniscus in place. This allows the meniscus to flop over like the handle on a bucket.  When the meniscus flips over it becomes stuck in the middle of the knee joint, you lose the ability to fully straighten the knee then you have a “locked knee”.

Explained by Dr. Mustufa Poonawala

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