Thursday, July 20, 2017

ERAS token, AAMC account, Letter of Recommendation

My juniors and colleagues requested that I guide them through this, so ta-da, another "How to" post.

I am attaching screenshots of the process - step by step. Sorry for all the scribbling. I was too bored to Photoshop.

First, go to oasis and buy a residency token:
1. ERAS Support Services

2. ERAS residency token

3. Terms and conditions

4. Details

5. Visa details

6. Payment - 115$

Then, go to MyERAS on AAMC website:


8. Login

9. Sign in
I had already made my account so I could sign in. You can create an account if you don't have one, it's a piece of cake, really!

10. Enter Token

11. Verification
Click on the “Documents” tab.
Click on the “Letters of Recommendation” tab.
Click the “Add New” button.
Enter the LoR author’s name, title/department and the specialty to which it will be assigned (optional).
Check the appropriate option under the “Additional LoR Information” box.
Check yes or no, depending on whether you plan to waive your rights to view the letter or not.
Click the “Save” button when you are finished.
Once you have successfully created the LoR entry, you must confirm the entry before an associated Letter ID and Letter Request form can be generated. Once you have confirmed the LoR entry, you will no longer be able to edit or delete that entry. If you have made an error after confirming the entry, you must create a new one.

12. Documents, letters of recommendation

13. LoR  Add

14. Details
Check the appropriate box or boxes for the LoRs you intend to confirm.
Click the “Confirm” button.
Enter you MyERAS password.
Once the LoR status has been changed to “Confirmed for Upload,” a Letter ID will be generated and the “Print Letter Request Form” option will become available under the “Actions” column.
15. Confirm

16. Download and email

There. Now write a nice letter to your Attendings and ask them to upload it asap :)

How to retrieve letters from last year:

Follow steps 1-11.
Then go to oasis again.

I. Previous year LoRs

II. Save to reuse LoR

Frequently asked questions:

A. Does buying a token and applying next year make me a repeat applicant?
Oh this question has haunted me since I brought my token.
Yes, it does make you a repeat applicant - But what does "repeat applicant" mean?
It simply means you got a token. That's it.

What's more? Your status as a repeat applicant will not appear to programs.

So don't panic.

Let me know if you have anymore questions!



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