Monday, July 24, 2017

Medicowesome secret project: Poem on recycling

What is the Earth day secret project about?
Body the Great Recycler

Our Body is the most efficient recyler,they say it,
For it recycles every last bit,
It does it On and On with grit,
Thats the spirit.

Use your wits,
See how are proteins are knit.
Old RBC’s are not allowed to sit,
They are quickly split.

Iron is stored in a pit,
Haemosiderin is what they name it.
Biliverdin is formed as heme is split,
Stercobilin is excreted through the slit.

Cholesterol is a bandit,
It makes me unfit.
Bile salts are formed after I oxidise and conjugate it,
Enterohepatic circulation is how I recycle it.

At least now let your brains be lit,
Recyling is the thing to which we must commit.
Lets not be mere hypocrites,
Wasting is what me must quit.

-Chaitanya Inge

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