Sunday, July 23, 2017

Myopathies series -Part 3

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In previous post, I discussed about metabolic myopathies.
Today we see the general classification of myopathies.

Myopathies are classified as



1. Denervation atrophy;-
-spinal muscular atrophy (infantile motor neuron disease)

2. Muscular dystrophies

a) Autosomal recessive Muscular dystrophy 
-Limb-girdle form

b) Autosomal dominant muscular dystrophy

c) Sex linked muscular dystrophy
-Emery Dreifuss

3. Myotonic dystrophy

4. Ion channel myopathies

5. Congenital myopathies

6. Myopathies associated with inborn errors of metabolism (This we have already studied in previous posts.)


1. Inflammatory myopathies

-systemic inflammatory disease (involves other organs also)

2. Toxic myopathies

-Thyrotoxic myopathy (There is an awesome post By Ojas )

-Ethanol myopathy
-Drug induced myopathy

So this means, we have long way to go: D

 "MOTOR ACTIVITY” is a broad term. It includes 
1) Voluntary movements 
2) Reflex movements
3) Rhythmic motor patterns

The pathway of any motor activity includes:

1. Cortical level
2. Brainstem and associated structures 
-Brainstem centers 
-Basal ganglia

3. Spinal cord
4. Lower motor neurons
5. Neuromuscular junction 
6. Muscle 

 Myopathy means we are discussing problem in MUSCLES.
So how do we know the correct site of lesion?

To diagnose any myopathy, we need to know its site and cause of lesion. The following helps in the diagnosis.
1. History
2. Examination
3. Investigations 

Take care.

-Upasana Y. :)


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