Thursday, July 6, 2017

Nasal Encephalocele vs Nasal Glioma

Both nasal encephalocele and nasal gliomas are congenital conditions in which there is herniation of glial tissues and meninges into the nasal cavity through the foramen cecum.

Both the masses are seen in the nasal cavity as bluish masses with nasal obstruction.

Nasal gliomas have no communication to the brain as the communication gets detached after the fusion of cranial bones in late IUL. Gliomas are firm and non compressible mass.

Encephalocele also presents as nasal mass with obstruction. The swelling increases in size in response to coughing. Most common site is occipital and then frontal.

Bilateral compression of the internal jugular vein also leads to the increase in the size of mass called as Frustenberg Test.
Frustenberg test is positive in encephalocele and negative in gliomas.

Investigation of choice for both is MRI.

Hope this helps!
Ashita Kohli

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