Sunday, July 16, 2017

Novel Monoclonal Antibodies: Emicizumab and Caplacizumab


Patients with Haemophilia A need regular infusions of Factor VIII, and a majority of patients develop antibodies against this exogenous factor VIII rendering the therapy less effective.

Emicizumab is here to solve this problem. It mimics the physiological function of factor VIII, that is to enhance the interaction between activated factor IX and factor X to facilitate the activation of factor X. Emicizumab binds both factor IXa and factor X and increases the interaction between them.


Patients with Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura(TTP) has antibodies against ADAMTS13. Reduction of ADAMTS13 levels leads to formation of vWF multimers that enhance platelet aggregation and consequent thrombus formation in all major systemic blood vessels. The current therapy protocol consists of Plasma exchange and Immunosuppressants.

Caplacizumab binds to vWF and prevents its interaction with GP1b receptor on platelets, thereby inhibiting platelet aggregation.


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