Thursday, July 20, 2017

Oxalate stones in Crohn's Disease

A tricky Concept based question often asked in Medicine/Pathology MBBS Professional Exam-
Why Crohn's Disease patient often develop Kidney/Renal STONES, particularly OXALATE stones?

Well...I would like to explain few Concepts separately Step by at the end, you could CONNECT all THE hidden DOTS.
1. Crohn's Disease commonly affects ILEUM & terminal Small intestine
2. Disease affected Ileum in Crohn's Disease leads to REDUCED Bile salt absorption                                              
3.Reduced Bile salt absorption leads to subsequent FAT MALABSORPTION .
4.As Fat is not getting absorbed , Free Fatty Acids then start to bind with Calcium.
5.As more calcium is getting binding with Free Fatty Acids , it LEAVES MORE OXALATE to be absorbed in the intestine.
6.As more & more OXALATE gets absorbed, it leads to Hyperoxaluria & leads to renal OXALATE Stone formation....that's the complete explanation.

I hope you it helps.
Thank you
-Md Mobarak Hussain (Maahii)

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