Monday, August 14, 2017

Casts (Colle's Cast)

Hello :)

These days, I am attending orthopaedics posting. And I am loving it.
I saw casting. Following questions were asked to me during the procedure.

Q. Define Casts and Slabs.
A. Cast & slab are methods of a temporary immobilization for a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions not only for disorders of bones but also for many other disorders related with tendons, muscles and soft tissues

Cast: are circumferential immobilizers which is surrounding the whole circumference of the limb
Slab: are non-circumferential immobilizers which is only support apart of the circumference of the limb.

Q. Define Traction and Splints.
A. TRACTION -Traction is a method of restoring alignment to a fracture through gradual neutralisation of muscular forces. Traction is applied to the limb distal to the fracture, so as to exert a continuous pull in the long axis of the bone.

SPLINT - A device used for support or immobilization of a limb or the spine. Any material used to support a fracture is known as splint.

Q. What is Colle's Fracture?
A. It is not just fracture lower end of radius but a fracture dislocation of the inferior radioulnar joint.

Q. Do you know anything regarding Colles Cast.
A. It is a type of Immobilization method. It is the Below elbow cast (10 – 20 degree palmar flexion, 15 – 20 degree ulnar deviation) .

So, Colle`s cast :- It is a below elbow cast in supination.

 Ideally it has to meet the following 4 criteria :
-Firm fit at the dorsum
-Firm fit at the volar fracture apex
-Just snuggly fitting at the forearm
-Metacarpophalangeal joints should be free to move.

That's all for today.
-Upasana Y. :)

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