Monday, August 7, 2017

Iodized salt test

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We all know that salt is used as a medium for iodization.
Iodized salt is used prophylactically to prevent endemic goiter as public health importance.
Iodide deficiency disorder IDD include :-
- Subnormal intelligence
-Mental retardation
-Neuromuscular weakness
-Hearing and speech defect
-endemic cretinism
-Still birth

To check whether given packet of salt contain iodine or not, we use different method.
Rapid kit test is one of the test.
The kit consist of 2 ampoule  test solution and 1 recheck solution bottle.
In the diagram I made 3 bottles to represent the 3 component of the test.
Alkalinity of salt doesn't give colour. So we use recheck solution in the end of the test .
The colour of the test sample is compared with the standard colour chart for calculating the salt iodine content.

I want to thank my teacher for an explanation :)
-Upasana Y. :)

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