Friday, August 25, 2017

MIL: Impetigo

Image: Impetigo contagiosa
Submitted by: Sagar

I'm asking medical students, residents and acquaintances to send me images of what they see to help create the Medicowesome Image Library (MIL).

It can be anything - a histology slide, a microbiology agar, a pathology specimen, a rash, an instrument, an x-ray - anything!

If it's directly patient-related, take oral consent of the patient (clearly explaining that the image will be used to teach medical students and will be posted on the internet). Make sure that the identity of the patient and the identity of your institution / hospital is not revealed in the image.

You can help expand MIL by sending us images you've taken to
Put "MIL: Image name" in the subject and attach the image.
You may write a short description.
Submitted by: Does not wish to reveal identity / Your name

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