Thursday, August 3, 2017

Renal colic : Important points

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Some important points to be noted regarding renal colic:

Renal pain : bursting in character; in case of upper urinary tract inflammation, there is reflex spasm of psoas muscle and involuntary flexion of hip joint.

Ureteric colic : The patient rolls around in agony due to sharp exacerbations of excruciating pain in the loin with a constant background of discomfort.
Contrast this to Peritoneal pain, when the patient prefers to lie still and not move an inch because movement hurts.
The pain of ureteric origin radiates to ipsilateral iliac fossa and genitalia. ( Rule - The more the pain radiates into the groin, the more distal is the stone! )

Bladder pain : Irritation of bladder trigone in men may lead to pain referral to tip of the penis, and if severe, may cause an extreme wrenching discomfort at the end of micturition ie., strangury.

Perineal pain : associated with inguinal discomfort; usually due to chronic inflammation of the prostate gland ( chronic prostate pain syndrome ).

Urethral pain : scalding pain and burning sensation during micturition.

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- Jaskunwar Singh

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