Monday, September 25, 2017

Some thalamic nuclei and their function (mnemonic)

Thalamic nuclei can really cause a headache if no mnemonics are used while studying them :O

The following mnemonics may be used to associate the nuclei with their functions:

1- Ventral Postero-Lateral nuclues  (VPL) => Very Painful Leg
This nucleus has input (pain, temperature, pressure, touch, vibration and proprioception) from Spinothalamic and dorsal columns/medial lemniscus ( Lower Limbs and Upper Limbs).

2- Ventral Postero-Medial nucleus (VPM) => Very Painful Mouth
This nucleus has input (face sensastion and taste) from trigeminal and gustatory pathway).

3- Lateral Geniculate Nucleus  (LGN) => Looking Good Naked :O
This nucleus has input (part of the visual pathway) from the optic nerve.

4- Medial Geniculate Nucleus (MGN) => Making Good Noise
This nucleus has input (part of the hearing pathway) from superior olive and inferior colliculus of tectum.

& that's it! :)


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