Thursday, October 12, 2017

BRCA1 vs BRCA2 gene mutations and associated chromosomes (mnemonic)

BRCA1 gene mutation is located on choromosome 17 while BRCA2 gene mutation is located on chromosome 13, how to remember that?

- 1 and 3 in number 13 if joined together, they look like a breast 1+3 =>13
- this reminds me of its association with breast cancer.

BRCA1 is really famous:
-Another Famous mutation is P53 gene mutation which causes LI Fraumeni syndrome.
-Flip IL in LI Fraumeni and you get the number 17.
-Asssociate LI Fraumeni (p53) and  BRCA1 together since both are very famous => both are due to chromosome 17 mutations.

and that's it :)



  1. Brca2 and RB{eye}....2 breasts 2 eyes.... just think numbers on either side ....1 and 3....13

    Nf1 and brca 1....count letters in neurofibromatosis ....17


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