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High tHcy associated with mortality from acute stroke!

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Various prospective studies in the past years have concluded that high levels of total Homocysteine ( tHcy ) are an independent risk factor for increased mortality from ischemic stroke, after adjustment of confounding factors!

This association is only significant in the large vessel atherosclerosis stroke subtype, and is relatively not significant in small vessel occlusion subtype.

The question that now arises is - Do elevated plasma tHcy levels cause more serious strokes or is it that more serious strokes result in higher tHcy levels?

Studies have found that elevated tHcy levels induce oxidative injury to vascular endothelial cells and impair the production of NO, thus increasing the arterial pressure and risk of stroke.
Also, tHcy enhances platelet adhesion to endothelial cells, promotes the growth of vascular smooth muscles, and is associated with higher levels of prothrombotic factors such as Beta- thromboglobulin, tissue plasminogen activator, and factor VII C.

Whether the more serious strokes increase  levels of tHcy and the changes in the levels before and after the acute episode needs further studies for clarification.

Note : High tHcy is not a cause of stroke and is not associated with stroke severity. Patients in the highest tHcy quartile ( >18.6 umol/L ) with Acute ischemic stroke  in large vessels of brain are in increased risk of Long - term mortality.

Therapy to control and lower tHcy levels with vitamin B supplements has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke and other acute cardiovascular events.
Metabolic B12 deficiency is present in 30% of vascular patients over the age of 70 years, while higher doses of B12 are required in elderly people than younger ones.
However, renal function tests should be done before starting the supplementation because high doses of cyanocobalamine increase cyanide levels in patients with renal impairment ( GFR <50 ml/min ).

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