Monday, October 16, 2017

Na-K ATPase and Donnan effect

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In Previous post, I gave an overview on Gibbs Donnan equilibrium.
This is to clear the doubt that Could animal cells attain Gibbs Donnan equilibrium?

Animal cells could never attain equilibrium. Plasma membrane can't sustain hydrostatic pressure gradient without evolution of some means of avoiding Gibbs-Donnan equilibrium.
Why do we need some new means? Because we couldn't afford to have "Protein free cell or no protein containing cell".
Na-K ATPase counteract Gibbs Donnan equilibration.
The bottom line effect of this is to make cell effectively impermeable to NaCl. Gibbs Donnan equilibrium do not reached and cell does not swell inspite of the presence of protein ion.
Hope you got it.
-Upasana Y. :)

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