Saturday, October 7, 2017

Post - intubation Cardiac Arrest : possible mechanisms

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Early post - intubation Cardiac Arrest ( within 10 minutes ) is a serious major complication of emergency intratracheal intubation associated with high in - hospital mortality, and occurs with approximately 2% frequency in the ED.

Various retrospective and case- control studies have been well designed to establish the connection and factors associated in the causation. One of the studies by Heffner et al. found that a higher pre - intubation shock index ( PISI ), that is defined as heart rate divided by systolic BP, and a higher weight of the patient are independently associated with post - intubation CA.

Systolic hypotension ( BP less than 90 mmHg ) is independently associated with post - intubation CA.

Emergency intubation can cause hypotension potentially as a consequence of actual intubation acting as a sympatholytic stimulus, mechanical ventilation ( positive pressure ventilation with subsequent fall in venous return ), and/ or the induction agents used.

Also important to note is that the association between pre - intubation hypotension and post - intubation progressive decline in BP and subsequently pulseless electrical activity arrest raises the question of whether treatment of hypotension before intubating by fluid resuscitation and vasopressors can decrease the rate of post - intubation CA.

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